Aaaaaaand, I have a summer cold. I don’t get many colds, but I seriously get a cold every time I run 12+ miles at a time. That depressed immune system shizz is for real. Now I just have to avoid all germs from Sun-Tues of each week until my race. No sweat.

I did stay home from work and I stayed in bed all day. I have a 14 miler this weekend and I’m hoping for a miraculous recovery.

So, let’s catch up on the past few weeks. I’m not sure which training week I am in? Maybe 11? There are about 9 weeks left. After my last update, I took a few days (and a long run) off to squash my shin splints.

Then, we went on a short vacation. I was able to enjoy a few runs with this scenery:

And, I got to fulfill my dream of charging a large body of water at the end of a hot, sweaty run.

Cross-training during vacay was bicycling on the beach and kayaking with dolphins. 🙂

Once we got back, I had two solid weeks and ran long runs of 10 miles and 12 miles. The 12 miler actually felt much easier due to much cooler weather that day.

I had to wring out that headband and wash it. Love summer.

And then I caught a cold and this week has sucked. I ran one (lousy) time. I cannot breathe and I do not have the engery to walk around the block. It’s pretty tremendous.

Keep your fingers crossed for my long run this weekend. I have a feeling it will either be awesome or awesomely bad.