…relatively unscathed. I miscounted weeks in my last post. I’ve been officially-but-not-OFFICIALLY training for six weeks now.

I skipped one short run for no better reason than a headache, but I got through my eight miles on Sunday.

Everything is better with a little faux hawk action.

As far as cross-training, I made it to two yoga classes this week. Hot vinyasa was especially punishing, and I consider it my penance for skipping that short run. Sometimes I like challenging yoga classes, but lately I just like to stretch my legs and breathe. Taking a nap in pigeon? That is all I’m looking for.

Overall, I am feeling better than expected, but I am a little shin splint-ish. To put the kabosh on that, I’ve taken two rest days + ice + aleve. I can’t let that get out of control.

I would probably feel better in general with more sleep and less wine. Ah, well.

Insteresting fact that I knew but did not KNOW until this week? You can get frostbite (frostnip?) from an ice pack. Don’t pretend like you don’t put that shizz directly on your skin. IT HURTS SO GOOD. But, yeah, red swollen itchy spot for two days. Took me a few hours to be sure I wasn’t having some massive allergic reaction. Apparently, that is for real.

Somebody who lives in my house and is not a cat is turning 30 on Saturday!!