It’s that time of year, folks.

a few signs that you may be training for a marathon

1. You put away the neutral, minimalist shoes, and buy a pair of stability shoes.  They feel like you are running with yoga blocks strapped to your feet, but you wear them anyway.

2. You start getting up at 6am to run before the heat sets in, you know, like you’re serious about it or something.

3. A suspicious amount of Gatorade has found its way into your fridge.  The days always end with ice packs on your ankles.  Suddenly, you have a racerback tan line.  Again.

4. You order a new tube of body glide.  You cannot live without body glide.  What, your thighs don’t touch?

5. You create a plan that ends with 26.2 on October 21st, the day of the Columbus Marathon.  You start following the plan.

I have been following this plan for a few weeks now.  And still?  I hedge.  I’m gun-shy.  Can you blame me?  The closest I can come to saying it is this: I might be training for a marathon.  Yeah.  I might also just be breaking bones and tearing tendons, too.  Time will tell.

But still, I’m doing this.. whatever this is.   I’m doing it because when I started this blog two years ago I meant to do it, and I still mean to do it.  I want to do it.  A lot.  Then, I want to check it off my list and move on with my life, and maybe even blog about something else.  Like cats.  Or the tomato jungle that has taken over my garden.

So really, it is about time I got on with it.  I’m not getting any younger, and the days where I have 3+ hours to go running may not last forever.  It’s time to put down the sauce, and put on my big girl pants.  My big girl running pants.

Just please do not tell me to break a leg.