Note: there are no numbers that start with a “W” and therefore go with Wednesday.  It is a shame.

5.  My new job is going swell!  I have many weeks of training, so that can be a little slow, but really it is a stretch to find any complaint at all.  Everyone is nice enough, I take SEVERAL breaks, and I leave after 8 hours.  No one seems psychopathic so far, either.  I’m in heaven.

4.  Speaking of taking things slow, we spent the entire afternoon yesterday taking and discussing this personality test.  If you are curious, I am Gold with Blue as a strong second.  I was actually working on a to-do list while his was happening, but then put it away because I was feeling little embarrassed.  I wish I were more Orange. 

I made Mike do it too, and he is also a Gold and Green is his second.  So we are pretty much as exciting as a root canal over here.  Oh, and stay off our lawn, kids.

3.  I finished my staycation project of building a garden and weeding/mulching the back flower beds.

I filled six lawn bags with weeds and debris.  SIX.  The garden is in the back right corner.  So far so good, except for one stomped strawberry plant (unknown critter).  I also lost a cucumber plant to a late frost despite covering.  I’m such a newb, so I am sure these will not be the only casualties back there this summer.

2.  In yoga on Monday, I actually got into crow for the first time.  I mean, I didn’t hold it for long, but I actually managed to get all toes off the ground.  I’ve been flirting with this for about a year, but crow plays hard to get.

I looked exactly like this.

1.  I’m trying to switch back over to morning workouts now that I don’t despise getting out of bed in the morning.  This combined with the fact that I am home from work before 5pm has left me loads of free time.  Loads.  My laundry is finished, and I have as much time as I need for YA dystopian novels.  We all have bad habits.

Hope everyone is having a slammin’ week.