We survived the crown moulding project, if you are wondering.  It took about a weekend.  The verdict?  It is a lot harder than it looks… especially since the last time I took a geometry class was in ninth grade, and all we did was gossip and play with blocks.  Oh, that sounds like kindergarten, you say?  Yeah.

Here is the before moulding picture (like, way before…when the previous owners lived here).  Teeny tiny moulding.

Now?  Bigger.

I also painted the ceiling.  Check out that slightly whiter ceiling.  Boom.

We have also started turning this pea green princess room into a non-hideous office.  Before:

In progress:

We still need new door casings (we tore the old lead-painty ones down).  This and some sanding resulted in a lead paint cloud. 

Unfortunately, the cats were not interested in wearing masks.  I tried.

The next project is sanding and painting many door casings and trim

The most thrilling project of all!